Dear parents.

1. Principal PISR would like to conduct a question / answer session on Zoom. Those who are interested to ask questions or want to give suggestions can register their names by giving their contacts (WhatsApp/ email) so that zoom link can be sent to interested parents. (First 100 parents will be sent zoom link)

2. Those parents who do not want to join Zoom but still have some questions/ queries, they should communicate their questions/ queries on WhatsApp number (0592516108) or so that their questions / queries can be addressed.

3. To register for Zoom Q/A session please fill out the form at this link:

In order to avoid the spread of the COVID-19, PISR has moved all its services online. Please click on your topic of interest and follow the instructions accordingly.

Dear Parents!
Due to current situation, PISR shall remain closed for public access. However, PISR shall provide its services online via the Help Desk service. If you have any questions or requests, please contact the Online Help Desk representative on the given contact numbers:

Contact person: Mr. Adeel Hussain Zahid
Cell:  0552937478
Whatsapp: 0592516108 or

Dear Parents!
Please click the button below to access the online lectures page.

Dear Parents!, Until further notice, all new admissions shall be collected via online admissions portal only.

Classes for academic year 2020-2021 shall commence from first week of April. Parents willing to transfer their kid(s) from other International schools are advised to apply for registration / admission as soon as possible.

To apply for admission please click on the button below:
Apply for Admission

For further queries, please feel free to contact your online help desk:

Contact person: Mr. Adeel Hussain Zahid
Cell:  0552937478
Whatsapp: 0592516108 or

Dear Parents! Until further notice, school fees shall be collected via bank transfers only. For information about your fees, please log in to your parent portal @

For further information and assistance please contact our Online Help Desk at following nos.
Contact person: Mr. Adeel Hussain Zahid
Cell:  0552937478
Whatsapp: 0592516108 or
To apply for certificates, please log in to your parent portal @

1. The School Leaving Certificate (SLC) can be applied for classes Play Group to Pre-IX only. For board classes please wait for further instruction from FBISE.
2. Only parents who have cleared their due fees till March, 2020 will be eligible for SLC.

1. Visit

2. Login to the Parent Portal using your family code and password.

3. At the upper right-hand corner choose your child from the drop-down list.

4. Press "Request for Certificate".

5. Under "Select a Certificate" drop-menu, choose your desired Certificate.

6. Under "Short Description", mention the reason.

7. Press "Send a Request".

8. Repeat steps 3 to 7 for each child you wish to apply.

9. Transfer SAR. 50/- (Certificate Charges for each student) to the School account by following the online payment instructions in the picture below. Send proof of request (snap) and proof of payment (snap) to the concerned WhatsApp number.

10. (3) Working days are required to verify the information and issue SLC.

11. After 3 days a Call or SMS will be sent to the parents for certificate collection.

Parents can submit their requests via one of the following methods:

1. Handwritten
Please submit your handwritten application by sending camera snap of application to Whatsapp # 0592516108 ( and follow up with your concerned representative.

Contact person: Mr. Adeel Hussain Zahid
Cell:  0552937478

2. Typed
Compose an e-mail with request addressed to Principal/ Wing Head.
Send to
Q1: I transferred Admission Fee and Books Fee how do I get books and when will class start.

A: 1. Send snap/PDF of payment proof to Whatsapp # 0598223194. Wait for slip from Mr. Waqas then after admission fee slip you will be automatically added in class whatsapp groups in 24 hour.

2. If you already transferred books fee then you need to wait until opening of schools. Meanwhile, you can manage studies by utilizing the scanned books provided online at

If you did not pay books charges. Ask the new class teacher about books. She will take order on cash.

3. Classes already started from 5th April. Students can visit and open their class or contact their class in-charge / homeroom teacher and request for Zoom ID.

Q2: I am new admission when will my parent portal start.

A: After you receive Admission Fee slip from Waqas, you will get SMS from PISR about parent portal login.

Q3: I did not transfer books fee. I want to buy cash, how?

A: Visit the School Admin during permitted timing to buy the books.

Q4: My parent portal cannot login, help.

A: Call adeel or send whatsapp to school no.

Q5: How to send online fees to school account

A: 1. Login to your bank account portal... or visit your ATM.

2. Add beneficiary with name and IBAN given in picture.

3. Make transfer to school account: Purpose: Education Expenses, (Description= FAMILY CODE, MONTHS, KIDS NAMES)

4. Send

Q6: I want to submit an application to Principal / School

A: Please submit your handwritten application by sending camera snap of application to school whatsapp @ or sending an e-mail to

Q7: How do I install Zoom app? How can my kids join Zoom Class?

A: You can download Zoom app from the following website corresponding to your device platform.

*Android Devices*

*Apple Devices*

*Desktop / Laptop PC*

*Required hardware: Laptop, Smart phone, Tab or Android TV*

1. You will be given an ID for login into your class. You just have to click the link (shared in Whatsapp groups) or you can type an I.D. and join meeting. The password for every class will be given to students.

2. Make sure while signing in, you have to enter your full name in User name box.

3. Mute your microphone and stop video while joining your class.

4. During the lecture, students/parents should note down if they have any questions related to the topic. After the lecture, you are welcome to ask questions from teachers in your concerned Whatsapp Group.

5. After 8 PM, in Whatsapp Groups, questions will not be entertained. So students are requested to ask their questions before time. Students are also expected to ask questions related to their studies only.

6. There will be break of 5 minutes after each lecture. After that, next period will start and students will have to join the Zoom classroom using the same I.D and password again.

7. You have to enter in Zoom Classroom 5 minutes before starting the class so that your class teacher can mark your attendance. Students will have only 5-10 minutes to enter in class and teacher will note attendance.

8. If you were not able to join class at the appointed time then at the end of lecture tell your class teacher regarding your presence.

9. Students are not allowed to turn on their videos or share screen during lecture.

10. A demo video will help you to enable you to join your class. You can watch it by clicking here:

PISR is committed to provide the students quality education with a positive emphasis on character foundation, co-operation and quest for excellence. It prepares them intellectually and emotionally to excel and teaches them to face challenges and responsibilities of life. Its salient features are;

1. Founded in 1968

2. The largest Pakistani School in Riyadh under community management

3. Excellent Academic Performance in Board Examinations

4. Oxford Syllabus up to class 7th


Our vision is to train those who will grow up to be the adults of tomorrow, those who will live in the world we will leave behind as a legacy, a world they will have to keep shaping and constructing on and on. Their success will also be ours.


1. To develop an intellectual environment where all teachers and students are highly motivated and enthusiastic to learn and support each other in developing their capacities.

2. To induce a thinking culture where learners go beyond receiving information and delivering mere academic performance and switch from information sharing to knowledge sharing.

3. To ensure / impart quality education to the children of all the classes of our community, so that our students may readily be accepted by other schools / colleges / universities.