The Parent Portal has been launched. Parents are requested to visit the website below and login with their credentials provided through SMS.

PISR is committed to provide the students quality education with a positive emphasis on character foundation, co-operation and quest for excellence. It prepares them intellectually and emotionally to excel and teaches them to face challenges and responsibilities of life. Its salient features are;

1. Founded in 1968

2. The largest Pakistani School in Riyadh under community management

3. Excellent Academic Performance in Board Examinations

4. Oxford Syllabus up to class 7th


Our vision is to train those who will grow up to be the adults of tomorrow, those who will live in the world we will leave behind as a legacy, a world they will have to keep shaping and constructing on and on. Their success will also be ours.


1. To develop an intellectual environment where all teachers and students are highly motivated and enthusiastic to learn and support each other in developing their capacities.

2. To induce a thinking culture where learners go beyond receiving information and delivering mere academic performance and switch from information sharing to knowledge sharing.

3. To ensure / impart quality education to the children of all the classes of our community, so that our students may readily be accepted by other schools / colleges / universities.