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  • 1st Semester Scheme of Studies (2018-2019)

    PLEASE CLICK ON THE RELEVANT SCHEME OF STUDIES (SYLLABUS) FOR DOWNLOAD CLASS IX Syllabus Class-9 (Nine)  (2018-19) Science group Syllabus Class-9 (Nine)  (2018-19) Humanities Group CLASS X Syllabus Class-10 (Ten)  […]

  • Second Semester Scheme of Studies (2017-2018)

    NURSERY Syllabus Class- Nursery Second Semester (2017-18 ) KG Syllabus Class- KG Second Semester (2017-18 ) GRADE ONE Syllabus Class- One (1) Second Semester (2017-18 ) GRADE TWO Syllabus Class- […]

  • Scheme of Studies (Syllabus) 1st Semester (2017-2018)

    CLASS IX Syllabus_Class_IX_SCIENCE_2017_18 Syllabus_Class_IX_ARTS_2017_18 CLASS X Syllabus_Class_X_SCIENCE_2017_18 Syllabus_Class_X_ARTS_2017_18 CLASS XI Syllabus_XI_SCI Syllabus_XI_COM Syllabus_XI_HUM CLASS XII Syllabus_XII_PREMED_PREENG_SCIGEN Syllabus_XII_COM Syllabus_XII_HUM NURSERY Syllabus_Nursery_1st_Sems_2017_18 KG Syllabus_KG_1st_Sems_2017_18 CLASS I Syllabus_Class_1_1st_Sems_2017_18 CLASS II Syllabus_Class_2_1st_Sems_2017_18 CLASS III […]

  • Second Semester Syllabus 2016-2017

    Grade V syllabus_2nd_semester2016_class_v Grade VI syllabus_2nd_semester2016_class_vi Grade VII syllabus_2nd_semester2016_class_vii Grade Pre-IX syllabus_2nd_semester2016_class_preix Nursery syllabus_2nd_semester2016_nursery KG syllabus_2nd_semester2016_kg Grade I syllabus_2nd_semester2016_class_i Grade II syllabus_2nd_semester2016_class_ii Grade III syllabus_2nd_semester2016_class_iii Grade IV syllabus_2nd_semester2016_class_iv  


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