An assembly program was arranged for celebrating the Kashmir solidarity day in SGW-2. Assembly in charge Mrs. Nabila Saeed described the significance of celebrating this day and threw light on the untiring struggle of Kashmiri Muslims for the past seven decades. Sayyeda Salwa Shakeel of 7th B acknowledged the noble sacrifices of Kashmiri Muslims and condemned the brutality and stubborn attitude of India in considering the occupied Kashmir as its own part regardless of the will of its natives. She also conveyed a message to India on behalf of her Kashmiri brothers in the form of a heart touching poem. Mahtab Mufti of 7th A highlighted the significant moral, political, sympathetic and religious support of Pakistan in the war of freedom of Kashmir and she demanded implementation of the UN resolutions, which called for holding a plebiscite in Kashmir. She made the students realize the importance of freedom that they were lucky to be free and that they must keep playing their individual role for the development and survival of their own homeland. A student from 7th H presented tribute to the occupied Kashmir by singing a heart throbbing song; AEY KHUDA LAUTA DE KASHMIR HAMARA…” W.I. Mrs. Aqeela Zeb also expressed her sympathetic feelings with Kashmiri Muslims and advised the students to be thankful to the Almighty for being blessed with the freedom. The program ended with the national anthem.
Reported by:
Mrs. Fozia A. Sattar.
Media Coordinator & Teacher SGW-2