Tuition Fee

The school collects tuition fee on monthly basis according to fee structure below.


Fee will be collected at the fee collection counters in the Main Office. The school dues must be paid by 20th of every month at the latest.

 In case of holiday / weekend, the collection is made on the next working day. The parents are requested to ensure the dues / fees are paid regularly and on time. If they are out of the Kingdom, payments may be made in advance or through their agents to avoid any surcharge.

Sibling Discount

  1. Classes KG to X: Discount of SR.30 is given to 2nd, 3rd and 4th child w.e.f 01-05-19.
  2. Classes XI & XII: Discount of SR.40 is given to 2nd, 3rd and 4th child w.e.f 01-05-19.
  3. Play Group, Nursery and Casual students are not eligible for sibling discount.
  4. Play Group, Nursery and Casual students will not be considered in the sibling discount structure.

Admission Fee

Class Nursery to  X  = SR.750/-

Class XI &  XII     = SR.1,000/-    

Admission Test / Processing Fee    = SR.100/-

Security Fee

A fee of SR. 500/- is to be deposited at the time of Admission in PISR. This fee is refundable within one year after leaving the School.

Examination Fee

A fee of SR. 100/- is collected annually, once per year.

FBISE Exam Fee

  1. Board Registration Fee is collected from regular students of classes IX and XI during the month of April as per instructions of Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Pakistan.
  2. FBISE Board Examination Fees and Centre charges are collected from regular students classes IX to XII during the months of October and November. Board Examination Fee is submitted in FBISE along with admission form of the student.

Transport Fee

Monthly Bus fee of SAR 175 (Riyadh) and SAR 250 (Al Kharj) is collected on monthly basis excluding months of July and August for students availing school transport services.

Forms and Certificate Fee 

1- School Leaving certificate                      SAR 50/-

2- Student Bonafide Certificate                  SAR 50/-

3- Fee Certificate                                        SAR 50/-

4- Character Certificate                              SAR 50/-

5- Hope Certificate                                     SAR 50/-

6- Provisional Certificate                           SAR 50/-

7- Admission Acceptance Letter               SAR 50/-

8- MoE Format Attested Result Card       SAR 100/-

9- Misc. Certificate                                     SAR 50/-

10- Admission Form/Handbook                  SAR 25/-


  1. Late Fee Fine:

This surcharge is collected upon late payment of tuition and/or transport fee. Its schedule is mentioned below.

  • 21st day of 1st month: SAR 01 per day up to last day of 2nd month.
  • 1st day of 3rd month: SAR 40 + Re-Admission fee of SAR 50
  • Example: Late Fee Fine for Due Fee of September

           i.   On 5th of October:          SAR 15

          ii.   On 26th of October:       SAR 36

        iii.   On 1st of November:      SAR 40 + 50 (SR. 40 as fine of forty days and SR.50 as Readmission charges.

2. Daily School Absence fine

           An amount of SAR 2 per day is charged to students who are absent from school without information.

3. Discipline Fine:

            The school reserves the right to fine the student if he/she is found guilty of misconduct.      

4.  Exam Absence Fine:

This fine is applied to students who do not appear in papers during their examination.

Fee Payment

Fee is collected at the fee counters in the main office. The fee counter follows the under mentioned rules:

  1.  Fee is collected on a monthly basis. Fee of previous months will also be collected if un-paid.
  2. Fee can be paid in advance. For advance fee payments of six months or more, a 5% discount is given on each child’s total tuition fee amount.
  3. In case of third party payment, the Late Fee Fine is waived off after verification of the payer.
  4. 5% Discount is not applicable to third party payments.
  5. SPAN/MADA (Saudi Payments Network) Service is also available at the fee counters.
  6. Online bank transfers are also supported. Parents can deposit fee by following the steps below:

Account Title:           Pakistan International School, Riyadh

Account No.:             0027-120019-001 (Bank Al-Jazira)

IBAN:                         SA38  6000  0000  0271  2001  9001

     * Family Code and fee for the month is to be mentioned in the purpose (Payment of Dues / Education).

                            * must upload scan of paid fee voucher to parent portal (


Contact Person:        Waqas Abdul Azeem (059 822 3194) WhatsApp Only



A re-admission can be allowed at the discretion of the Principal on written request by the parent after payment of all dues and a re-admission fee of SR.100/-. A re-admission is considered during same academic year within six months of leaving the school. One month’s fee is collected in advance before Summer Vacation and the fee of 2nd month of Summer Vacation is charged on the re-opening of the school.

Note: The School reserves the right to revise the above fee rates.