On 1st March, 2017, a farewell party for grade 10 was held in SBW-I during which students of grade 9 said farewell to the outgoing students of grade 10. The party was organized by Mr. Anwar Ul Haq whereas presided by Vice Principal Prof. Gohar Rafique. In order to make the event more enjoyable, an exciting cricket match was arranged. After conclusion of the match, Mr. Azmat Ullah Bhutta, the stage secretary proceeded with the function whose Chief Guest was Prof. Muhammad Anwar Awan, Head of Islamic Studies Department in SBW-I whereas Principal Prof. Tahir Raza Abid and Wing Head SBW-II Prof. Saadat Ullah Khan were special guests of the function.
A number of students participated in the stage function including Sharif Ali Arif, who recited some verses from the Holy Qur’an and Maaz Rehmat who delivered Hamd-e-Bari-Taala. Ahmad Bajwa from grade 9 expressed his gratitude towards the outgoing students of grade 10 while remembering his experiences. He prayed for success in the upcoming Annual Examinations. In response, Waleed Khan from grade 10 thanked all his fellows from grade 9 and advised the students to focus on their studies. He further expressed his love for the school by affirming that he will not forget this school nor its experiences and will ensure the representation of his Institution at different stages of life. Abdul Wahid from grade 10 sang the PSL anthem and captivated the audience with his performance. Humorous speeches were presented by Bilal Abid (grade 9) and Bilal Ahmad (grade 10). Rizwan Nasr Ullah, Abu Bakar Kamal, Saad Rizwan and other friends presented a stage drama called “Happenings in the Examination Hall”. Musanna Ahmad collected a huge applaud for singing a beautiful song.
Chief Guest Prof. Muhammad Anwar Awan thanked the organizers for inviting him and shed light on the negative effects of social media. He advised the students to firmly hold the light of respect and dignity and respect for elders. Only hard work can bring long term success.
Prof. Gohar Rafique thanked the students of 9th and 10th for making this event a memorable one and advised them to study hard and assured the students of 10th grade that they are most welcome for subject of their choice during the upcoming provisional admissions at college (HSSC) level. These admissions shall be held after the conclusion of SSC Annual Examinations 2017. Prof. Saadat Ullah gave some advice which would prove useful for success in their future challenges.
School Principal Prof. Tahir Raza Abid congratulated the students for exceptional discipline during their stay in this institution. He said that SSC Examinations are one of the milestones that determine outcomes of future career path. This institution is keen in the preparation for upcoming Annual Examination and therefore, remedial classes are being conducted. Students are encouraged to participate in such classes and prepare to their full potential. The event concluded with the National Anthem and luscious refreshments were served to students as well as the guests.

Reported by
Prof. Javaid Mirza

On 1st March, 2017, a farewell party for grade 10 was held in SBW-I during which students of grade 9 said farewell to…

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