Requirements and conditions for admission (print this page for guidance):

For Regular students admission in XI (HSSC-I) Click Here

1. Copy of Student’s valid Passport and CNIC/B.Form. (Only Pakistani Nationals are admitted in this school).

2. Copy of Student’s valid Residence ID (Aqama)                        (Original will be verified).

3. Copy of Father’s valid Residence ID (Aqama) and Passport (Original will be verified).

4. Copy of Mother’s valid Residence ID (Aqama) and Passport  (Original will be verified).

5. Original S.L.C. (T.C.) from previous school     (For admission in Class II-XII. Any kind of copy color/black is not acceptable).

SLC issued from institution in Pakistan must be attested from concerned District Education Officer.

6.  Copy of Birth Certificate (Grade Nursery, KG or One)       (In case formal schooling for the first time).

7. Copy of Board Result Card                                                         (For admission in class X to XII).

8. Copy of  Migration/NOC (In case passed IX, X or XI from board exam other than FBISE Islamabad).

9. Fill out the highlighted fields in the form in BLOCK letters, write student name/ date of birth and father name from passport, upload and attach all the requested documents in the online form and submit.

10. Wait for confirmation SMS/Call. In case of delay for more than three working days, send e-mail request with snap of registration slip to